«Youth is the driving force of a society. Let’s jointly create the high-quality medicine.”

Andriana Malska

Founder of the NGO “Malskyy Family Foundation”

PhD in Medical Science, Assistant Professor of the Department of Propaedeutic Pediatrics and Medical Genetics of the Danylo Halytsky Lviv National Medical University, Master’s Degree in Applied Ethics in Medicine and Public Health acquired at the Universities of Utrecht (Netherlands) and Linköping (Sweden) under the Erasmus Mundus Program.

Internship and practical training: Canada-Ukraine Parliamentary Program, Toronto  East General Hospital, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Viena University Hospital (AKH) in the Paediatric Cardiology Department.

The Malskyy Family Foundation was created with the aim of providing financial support for the internship of medical students and members of UMSA (Ukrainian Medical Students’ Association) in various clinics of the world with the purpose of changing their mindset, adopting the best medical practices and implementing them in their future physician activities at home, in their Motherland.

«If you give good education to your children, then nothing else is needed.»

«I got acquainted with UMSA one year ago, when I received a message into my messenger from the former head of the Lviv branch of the Association, Mr. Andriy Pylypets, who applied to me with the request to become the mentor at the clinical cases study with the New England Medical Journal, which was held in the English language.

UMSA is a students’ organization of young medical professionals, who strive for self-development, are eager to see the world and adopt the best experience abroad. The Association internally carries out the selection of students and interns for participation in the medical exchange programs.

Each year students get the variety of new countries of the world opened to them: from Malta, Germany and Portugal to Mexico and Thailand. The students qualify for exchange, they are provided with accommodation and one nourishment a day in one or another country, while the membership fees, travel expenses and accompanying costs are to be covered by them independently. Unfortunately, even in case of successfully qualifying for the exchange, not all candidates can afford to meet travel and other expenses themselves, and respectively are often forced to refuse their participation in the exchange after coming the first in the contest. That is why, my dream was to set up a foundation with the aim of providing financial support for the internship in any clinics of the world, as the experience they will gain there is priceless”.

I encourage you to take part in this project!

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