The Malskyy Family Foundation was established with the aim of providing support for the educational and scholarly initiatives, which will enable young medical students to receive training abroad and return with the knowledge which in the future will promote the development of medicine in Ukraine.

Previously this nongovernmental organization was called Lviv Professional Alliance (LPA) and on its basis the following projects have been realized:

«The first project was carried out with the assistance of our friends from Dik-Art company.  The festivals of Pysanka (decorated Easter egg) and chocolate were organized and we received the part of the funds. The entrance fee was 25 Hryvnias, 1 Hryvnia out of which went for charity. In such a way, we raised over 50 thousand Hryvnias. These funds were used to arrange the cardio ward and common sanitary room in the senior children’s unit of the hospital. The amount of funds raised was insufficient, as there was a lot to be done, so then Markiian assisted greatly. We began to search for sponsors at the European Business Association. This way we managed to raise the required amount.

My next project was the canteen. It is multifunctional: the patients dined there and simultaneously both the students and the patients studied. Its “soviet” condition depressed me, as it was the place, where I conducted my classes multiple times. During the project implementation I got acquainted with Mariana Savka from the Old Lion Publishing House, who at that time was looking for a social aim for her project “12 Incredible Women”. The event was covered by the Tvoe Misto (Your City) internet media. The article was read by the manager of one construction firm. And the next day we were offered complete renovation of the facility.

In addition we arranged the psychologists room, renovated the procedure room and just one week ago completed the ENT surgery room”.

I wish that everything was well in our country, that young people lived and worked in the Europeantype country, that people were provided the European level medical services. This is the concept on which the idea occurred to create the Malskyy Family Foundation in order to support the talented medical students from UMSA, the Ukrainian Medical Students’ Association, who go abroad under exchange programs. I myself have numerous times been on internship abroad, and I am convinced, that this is the only way to teach the modern youth to think differently.


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